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Stories of Sanctuary event in Bradford

120 people from almost every corner of the globe came together on a very snowy February evening to share wonderful food, witness inspiring music and exchange life stories – in the heart of Bradford.

Not everything was heavenly though at the Stories of Sanctuary event, organised by the City of Sanctuary Bradford campaign. Those gathered listened in stunned silence as seven asylum seekers and refugees told their stories of what had led them to flee their home countries and seek sanctuary in Bradford – stories of loss of homes, families and livelihoods, stories of rape and sexual trafficking. Each told of the battles they had fought, and in some cases still are fighting, to get the Home Office to believe their accounts – but also of their longing to use their gifts, education and experiences to benefit others. It may not have been quite heaven, but it is clear that Bradford is entertaining many angels unawares.

Further information about the City of Sanctuary Bradford is available from the campaign’s office on 01274 721626

Over 90 local groups, organizations and businesses have now signed the campaign’s resolution of support.