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We’re pleased to have excellent working relationships across Bradford. Don’t just take our word for it, have a read below to see what others are saying about us:

‘BIASAN (Bradford Immigration & Asylum Support & Advice Network) have found the support it gets from Bradford City of Sanctuary extremely useful & helpful. As a purely voluntary organisation we rely on our links with like-minded organisations for information sharing, as well as legitimacy, & we find ourselves well-served by City of Sanctuary.’          Maggie Pearse, on behalf of BIASAN

‘Aside from the excellent frontline support work they provide, Bradford City of Sanctuary are  tireless political campaigners, working across the city’s public, private and third sectors to advocate for people getting the help they need. Their approach, knowledge and generosity have been a touchstone for my organisation, and they have proved to be an inspiration to me and everyone else in the sector more times than I care to count.’           Ben McKenna, Solidaritech

‘City of Sanctuary are an incredibly important resource for services, statutory and non statutory, working with asylum seekers and refugees in Bradford. I have personally referred to their excellent Mental Health information resource and given it to many students to read to help develop their awareness of many of the issues that asylum seekers and refugees face that many people, even health professionals, are not aware of. Their online resources are vital and provide very important information about how to access different support such as healthcare, housing etc. I cannot praise their work enough’     Nikki Harvey, BEVAN

‘City of Sanctuary is a crucial information and advice resource for organisations working with refugees and asylum seekers. They have time and again provided us with information and various opportunities that enhance our ability to improve the services that we offer to our service users and also brought to our attention the opportunities and new information that impact our service users. We are so grateful for their presence and openness to supporting organisations in a non-biased way.’          Juliet Adoch, Millside Centre

‘City of Sanctuary Bradford do amazing work on a shoestring. They are actively involved in both multi agency district meetings and local and regional groups that affect sanctuary seekers. They often offer both representation for and amplification of the voice of sanctuary seekers within the district. They strive to connect and support capacity building for the sector within the Bradford District and they have been instrumental in the creation/maintenance of the content on the Welcome to Bradford Website, which is a tool that supports new arrivals to the city. City of Sanctuary Bradford have also supported and guided the work being undertaken by the Council as a Local Authority of Sanctuary, helping to connect organisations within the sector to the local authority as well as highlighting organisations that are in need of additional capacity building support. They really are a wonderful asset to the sector and to the Bradford District.’         Izzy Nicholson, Partnership & Engagement Officer, Bradford Council