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Action Ideas 9.19


What do you do best? Sport, cooking, speaking, fundraising, campaigning? Talk to us about how your skills / interests could be put to good use

  • Join Bradford City of Sanctuary. We meet monthly 4.30-6pm on a Weds in the city centre
  • Ask your group, organisation, place of worship or business to pass a resolution of support for Bradford City of Sanctuary (can be printed from our website). Yours could be our 176th !
  • Are you a teacher, school governor or parent? Encourage your school to consider becoming a School of Sanctuary – see
  • Offer English tuition to asylum seekers ineligible for state-funded classes
  • Raise funds for City of Sanctuary, BEACON, Abigail Housing, BIASAN, Refugee Action. Or, if you have expertise in making funding applications, we would be very pleased to hear from you!
  • Provide short or longer-term accommodation to homeless asylum-seekers by hosting ([email protected]) or contributing to the rent for a house (
  • Invite refugee groups to your community social events (we’ll pass the invitation on).
  • Display one of our We welcome asylum-seekers and refugees signs outside your building, office, place of worship (contact us and we’ll you send one).
  • Campaign! Keep abreast of current issues at; or

These are just a few suggestions. If you have a skill or particular interest that isn’t mentioned above, get in touch! We may be able to suggest a way that it could be used to benefit asylum seekers and refugees locally.